A fast, accurate and clearly visualised channel read for wholesale suppliers has been virtually impossible. Until now…

What is it?

A platform for suppliers who want to aggregate wholesale shipments data from multiple wholesalers into one online reporting tool

  • A highly visual tool that reports shipments data from multiple wholesalers in one place, providing a single view of performance and one version of the truth
  • TWC’s experienced quality team cleanses the data to provide a consistent and customised product hierarchy, saving you time on manual data categorisation
  • Data is delivered quickly and securely via our market leading dashboards to an unlimited number of users
  • Backed up by TWC’s world-class customer service and on-demand support

How does it work?

WholeView feeds from a master product file which is built to your specification, delivered via a secure, cloud-based platform.

  • WholeView brings together multiple wholesaler data feeds into one place
  • A master product file ensures all SKUs are accurately and consistently coded to your requirements, allowing you to compare ‘apples with apples’ and report alongside your internal product performance data
  • Our cloud-based platform means no software installs, no hardware costs and no third-party access into your network
  • Data is refreshed seamlessly every week, allowing 24/7 reporting
How does wholeview work?

What are the Benefits?

Accurate total channel performance in an instant with options to cut by region/operator/depot

Identify channel opportunities (& threats) immediately

We do the heavy lifting: data collected, cleansed and refreshed by our technical team

Highly visual and intuitive outputs, to meet the needs of all data users (unlimited licenses)

Tailored access rights for custom views across users

Full training and support package to free up internal time spent on data collation

Data that makes decisions

Why aggregate your shipments data?

We recognise that shipments data can sit in lots of places across an organisation, so why bring it all together? What can WholeView achieve for your business?

  • Data-driven companies significantly outperform their rivals. And although handling multiple wholesalers’ data sets across product hierarchies is challenging, a business without data has no true indication of how it is performing – so let TWC do the heavy lifting for you
  • WholeView provides a single version of the truth about sales performance across the whole channel
  • Using spreadsheets to combine data sources is time-consuming, cumbersome and involves complex formulas, which can lead to inaccurate calculations and multiple versions with conflicting numbers
  • WholeView can handle disparate wholesale data just as businesses have long enjoyed specialist tools and data science for retail multiples data
  • Stay one step ahead by understanding the shifts unfolding across the channel

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