Driving growth in wholesale through intelligence and technology

The wholesale route to market is a fast paced channel that relies on lean cost models. More than ever, wholesalers and their suppliers and customers need to forensically understand their businesses – what works, what doesn’t and which customer segments are growing and which are declining.

TWC empowers these businesses to get the answers they need fast via a combination of customer research, product sales reporting and cutting-edge technology. Our product portfolio reflects vast experience across all aspects of the industry and mean that wholesalers and their supply partners can make informed decisions on how to grow.

Our customer relationships are true partnerships and tend to be long-term across several solutions. Working typically at main board or senior executive level, our success comes from an innate desire to find and remove barriers to growth before working closely with our clients to improve performance.

Our solutions are split across 3 divisions…

TWC Trends

We help our clients understand what’s happening in wholesale and why it’s happening. We undertake focus groups and customer surveys across the trade community and consumer groups.

We conduct two major surveys per year in April and October. Clients can contribute themes and questions to these or commission bespoke research.

We undertake:

– High volume consumer attitudinal analysis.
– Deep dive focus groups.
– One to One or group interviews with the trade – wholesalers, retailers, foodservice / hospitality outlets.
– Surveys undertaken online, by telephone, face to face or over Zoom as necessary.

TWC Consultancy

Our market intelligence and digital savviness – comprising insight and strategy services – enables us to help our clients to make data led decisions or build data centric customer experiences that will enhance their wholesale performance.


We use sales data and market insight to advise on what is happening in the Channel and why – including tracking the latest trends and identifying opportunities.

Our work includes:

– Route to market planning.
– Category management.
– Sales performance measurement.
– Merchandising and ranging recommendations.
– Size of prize planning.


With extensive industry knowledge and networks we are well placed to support and advise wholesalers or suppliers on strategic issues. We have a realistic grasp on what works in this channel and what won’t which is why we are retained as trusted advisors to executive teams and boards.

TWC Technology

TWC is at the forefront of wholesale shipments reporting. Our Alchemy platform is the most user friendly and flexible platform in wholesale. We provide data reporting solutions for some of the UK’s leading wholesalers.

We provide leading edge technology that maximises ROI.

– Wholesale reporting platforms.
– Digital reward and vouchers.
– Customer apps.