As if by magic, your data is transformed
We help wholesalers and their suppliers be more data led

What we do

Harnessing data, empowering wholesale, foodservice & convenience 

Our vision is for wholesale, foodservice, and convenience to be truly data-led

We are passionate about helping our clients thrive in these channels and we use our data expertise, market knowledge and technology to create tools that help wholesalers and suppliers take control of their business. 

Our approach

We provide a unique blend of data services, digital platforms and unrivalled knowledge designed to drive growth for wholesalers, foodservice operators and convenience retailers – and their suppliers.

we are bigger than you might think

We are:



Our technology is leading edge and our customer service is industry leading. Our people have channel specific skills and incredible track records.



Our clients are cost focused and operating in a low margin sector, so we have a low-cost business model, which we pass on to our customers.



Our technology is simple to use and intuitive, but we also aim to be easy to do business with – our ethos is to exceed expectations whenever we can.

TWC is at the forefront of wholesale shipments and sales reporting. Our platform is the most user-friendly and flexible platform in wholesale. We provide data reporting solutions for some of the UK’s leading wholesalers.

We provide thought leadership on the issues that matter to wholesale, foodservice and convenience retail. We conduct customer surveys and focus groups to understand what’s happening and even more importantly – WHY it’s happening.

With extensive industry knowledge and a wide network, we are well placed to support and advise operators and suppliers alike. We have a realistic grasp on what works in this channel and what doesn’t and can execute channel-specific, data-led analysis.