Welcome to the third installment in our series of vlogs with senior wholesalers and industry leaders.This interview is with Mushtaque Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer of JJ Foodservice. Tom Fender, TWC Development Director, talks to Mushtaque for approximately 25 minutes about the strategies JJ Foodservice has employed to survive during the Pandemic. Those strategies include a total pivot of the business in just 8 hours from being trade only to consumer facing, which led to 30,000 new customer registrations in just 4 weeks.This interview really is a masterclass in how to be a great business leader. Mushtaque exemplifies that “can do” attitude that separates the truly great from the very good in business. A truly inspirational view.
Tom Fender, Development Director, TWC Tom@wsale.co.uk Mobile: 07802 336 333 Twitter: @TWCGroup Web: www.TWCGroup.net

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