TWC Trends helps our clients to understand what’s happening in wholesale – and importantly, why it’s happening. Our Autumn Edition 2021 is based on the sentiments of 1,000 consumers across the UK and part three of this research unpicks ‘savvy shopping’.

Whether choosing a hospitality outlet or shopping for groceries, hunting for deals is evident across a large proportion of the population. With looming high inflation this is not going to go away, so operators must weigh up the cost of promotions and consider the role each promotion will play – whether to drive footfall, increase transaction spend or perhaps provide customer data.

This report:

  • Evidences the polarisation in financial situations for consumers (38% are struggling but a similar percentage are not)
  • Suggests that loyalty schemes need a shake up given their low uptake amongst younger consumers
  • Makes a case for the continued role of cash for some communities
  • Shows that trade up is still possible
TWC Trends Autumn Edition 2021
To read some of the key findings from our ‘savvy shopping’ research, follow the link below:

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