TWC Trends Autumn Edition 2021
Sarah Coleman, Director of Communications at TWC presented at JJ Foodservice “Women in Fish & Chips” conference on 28 February 2022.

From TWC Trends, we know that 57% of consumers cited fish & chips as one of their favourite takeaways, but this is biased towards older consumers, raising the question of how fish & chips operators can appeal to younger consumers:


  • Offer value for money: Younger consumers are more likely to be struggling for money. Think about deals and promotions to target them. Gen Z‘s are also make more likely to refer to ratings and reviews before purchasing – encourage your current customers to leave you a review.
  • Provide healthy alternatives: It’s more important now to offer products on your menu that can be consumed by those with allergens and dietary requirements. Communicate your offerings – vegan options and dairy alternatives to draw in those health conscious, younger consumers.
  • Consider your sustainability credentials: Don’t just tell your customers you are a sustainable business – show them. Source from local suppliers, put your recycling bins on display outside of your restaurant/takeaway and offer recyclable packaging.
  • Engage with digital: With the majority of takeaways now ordered online, the ability for consumers to personalise their orders is key. Allow them to add or take away items that they do not want, and only offer products that are in stock to avoid confusion.
  • Finally – don’t forget your core audience! Reinforce fish & chips on a Friday, communicate your value for money and be present on social media.
To see some summary slides from Sarah’s presentation, click below:

Download summary slide deck