Unitas ‘gets ahead’ through smart data reporting

“Never has data been so important in understanding market trends, insights and influences in order to ‘get ahead’. And, how we receive data is also important in today’s smart-technology driven society. Our data programme is part of our promise to members and suppliers to help them grow their business and deliver competitive edge….”

John Baines, Director of Trading for Unitas.

“We are delighted to partner Unitas – which now has buying power of over £5.7 billion and is the largest independent buying group of its kind in the UK – in order to create a sales data reporting initiative to help suppliers and members understand market influences and opportunities in order that they may collectively enjoy faster commercial growth.

The innovative programme was under development for over a year before going live in March 2018.  It gives members and suppliers visibility on Unitas’ sales to customers, (including sales by named members).  The results furnish stakeholders with valuable insights, show previously unknown data and present a reliable read on what is happening across independent wholesale and individual categories therein.

Tools such as heat maps identify underperforming regions and depot scorecards highlight opportunity by branch. Suppliers also have access to reports that summarise 13-week, year-to-date, and moving-annual-totals.

Simple to use, users can work on mobiles and tablets, as well as PCs in order to provide fast, impactful reports that add real value and provide sales opportunity. It is win-win for Unitas, it’s members and supply partners, and is all about enabling business growth and marketing excellence”.

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