Swizzels Case Study

Swizzels wanted a deep dive of performance across several wholesalers and to identify key opportunities by account and quantify a realistic growth opportunity by wholesaler and category/brand/sku.



Swizzels purchase shipments data for several wholesalers, but each data set was in a different format and limited internal resource meant that there wasn’t the time to mine the data to get to wholesale specific insights.



TWC started by cleansing the data and organising it according to Swizzels’ view of the category and sub brands, providing clarity on total wholesale performance for the first time. A deep dive was presented back, highlighting key opportunities for Swizzels. From this, strategic targets were agreed, and value growth was sized up. Decks were created to communicate the plan to internal and external stakeholders. A simple monthly report was created so that the Swizzels’ team could quickly track progress and take remedial action when needed.



TWC Consulting has provided a cost-effective solution to help Swizzels get more value from the data that they use. The monthly reports and quarterly deep-dives allow Swizzels to prove their hypotheses based on facts and provide compelling arguments to take to the individual accounts to demonstrate why they should support their brands.

We’re a small team and therefore its critical that we direct our limited time and resource on the two or three big wins by customer. We have plenty of data but at the end of the day, data is only as good as the use you put to it – and we must ensure we focus on the biggest opportunities.

TWC has done the heavy lifting to get our wholesale data into the right format so that it’s ready to use and the team take the time to sit down with me and go through the monthly reports. This means we can work in tandem, using my knowledge of the complex and fragmented sugar confectionery category, with TWC’s intricate knowledge of what works in the channel.

The analysis arms me with the proof I need to influence my customers. Furthermore, the TWC team understand the pressures I am under and take a flexible and collaborative approach, meaning there is support when I need it.

Ben Cooper

National Account Controller Wholesale, Swizzels