The Sugro Insight Service (in partnership with TWC) continues to evolve as Sugro maintains its focus on ensuring the reporting services it is providing to its suppliers on behalf of its members is truly industry leading.  As part of that evolution, Sugro is now offering suppliers the option to understand member sales performance on the Sugro Insight Service, split between online and offline transactions.

Digital and ecommerce sales continue to develop as a key route to market for wholesalers and it is imperative that suppliers can understand what proportion of their products are being sold online versus traditional cash and carry or delivered wholesale.  This insight enables suppliers to invest in the best marketing activations for their audience.

Yulia Petitt, Head of Commercial & Marketing at Sugro UK, said:

“We understand that increasingly suppliers rely on insight from sales data to plan their route to market strategy.  Ensuring Sugro maximises its share of investment means focussing on delivering a high-quality data service for our suppliers, this is why we did not stop at launching a standard reporting platform but have worked with TWC to create a point of difference and added customer type reporting as well as online/offline analysis.”

Tanya Pepin, Managing Director at TWC adds:

“TWC has found working with Sugro to be a true partnership, members have been keen to be involved and Central Office has been focussed on continuing to develop its platform beyond a basic service

We look forward to more software upgrades on the Sugro Insight Service over the coming year.”

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