In TWC’s latest Sound Bites video, Tanya Pepin talks to Dawood Pervez, Managing Director of Bestway Wholesale.Dawood explains how Bestway had prompt warning of the Covid threat because of their pharmacy operation and quickly equipped office staff to work from home. Bestway depot operations adapted well to social distancing despite how busy it was. “It was cheek by jowl at first” but not for long!Dawood hailed the sterling work of retailers who created delivery slots to prioritise the vulnerable, unlike the retail multiples who had no priority system to get food out to those self isolating or afraid. He is also disappointed the press picked up on a minority of retailers who raised prices in a bid to profiteer, while the majority of retailers have been “super workers” not “supermarket workers”, who initially got all the credit!
Interviewed by: Tanya Pepin, Director, TWC Mobile: 07977 507 766 Twitter: @TWCGroup Web:

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