In TWC’s latest Sound Bites video, Tanya Pepin talks to Country Range Group Managing Director and FWD Chair, Coral Rose.Coral notes how all wholesalers are facing challenges. Survival right now is about having the cash reserves available to see a business through 60% – 70% declines in turnover.She also highlights the Country Range Group’s strength – no member has closed its doors, instead moving quickly to a direct to consumer model to stay open and continue to service their care home and healthcare contracts. They’re now also supporting their local authorities with food deliveries.Coral doesn’t foresee a “bounce-back” for the sector, rather a gradual re-calibrating and steady re-build.
Interviewed by: Tanya Pepin, Director, TWC Mobile: 07977 507 766 Twitter: @TWCGroup Web:

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TWC’s Director Tanya Pepin talks to Salih Sheikh about digital commercialisation.

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