In TWC’s latest Sound Bites video, Tanya Pepin talks to Bidfood CEO, Andrew Selley.Andrew discusses how Bidfood’s culture of care, share, and dare has helped the Bidfood team through the crisis.He also explains how the enforced closure of a large proportion of its customer base has meant Bidfood isn’t immune to Covid-19’s financial implications, and how unusual times mean that Bidfood has been working in partnership with its main competitor, Brakes.And, watch out for a surprise shout-out to Wimpy for the great job they’ve done adapting their fast food business. 
Interviewed by: Tanya Pepin, CEO, TWC Mobile: 07977 507 766 Twitter: @TWCGroup Web:

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TWC’s Director Tanya Pepin talks to Salih Sheikh about digital commercialisation.

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