Wholesalers, convenience, foodservice and on-trade operators
Grow your sales by sharing your data with your suppliers

What Is It?


A reporting platform for wholesale, foodservice, and convenience retail operators that enables the operator and its suppliers to use sales data to make business decisions.


  • A highly visual tool that reports wholesale shipments, retail sales, or both
  • Designed by people who understand the wholesale route to market – SmartView quickly highlights how to drive growth
  • SmartView is recognised by many suppliers as the most user friendly and flexible in the industry, meaning user engagement is easy
  • Our service level is at 99% and we are commended for the speed of our response. User feedback for ease of use is currently rated 100%.

How does it work?

A cloud-based platform, embedded with the latest security protocols. No software installs, no hardware costs, no 3rd party access into your network.

  • Sales data is transmitted to TWC’s servers securely via locked down internet protocol addresses + passwords.
  • TWC recompiles the data within our cloud environment, which cannot be accessed directly from outside our virtual network.
  • Data quality and enrichment processes add extra detail and validate for accuracy. All data is backed up daily. All background routines occur seamlessly without impacting real-time reporting.
  • Data is refreshed weekly and is made accessible to users over the web via a 128-bit random identifier and a 256-bit user specific validation token.
  • 100% data security, latest encryption protocols, best practice administration: keeping our client’s data safe whilst making it accessible to the right people.

What are the Benefits?

Highly visual making the user experience easy & engaging

A support package that means TWC focuses on managing users, freeing the operator up to drive growth

Industry leading service levels mean 24/7 availability

Customer-centric approach ensures full support through transition and ongoing

Designed by those that know wholesale, ensuring relevant metrics and reports to drive growth

Data that makes decisions

Why change provider?

We recognise that change can be disruptive – we approach customer relationships as true partnerships, our clients’ success is our success so we will be with you all the way.

  • Competitive terms, flexible contract options and commercial integrity
  • World class and fast implementation – 100% on time and on budget
  • Full training for the whole team and on demand resources (user guides, ‘how to’ videos, unlimited demos)
  • Service level >99% with our cloud-based solution
  • Support queries acknowledged within 30 mins and 95% solved within half a day
  • We can help commercialise your data, our support will mean minimal distraction for the business whilst generating a new revenue stream
  • Testimonials available from clients that have already moved across to TWC

Wholesaler reporting platforms

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