SmartView Convenience
The most representative EPOS market read covering independent retail and wholesaler-supplied symbol stores in GB

2023 Review of Independent Convenience Store Sales

Over 125 industry executives attended our review of 2023 independent convenience store sales on Tuesday 30th January 2024.


“I attended the session this morning and found it very useful – Thank you.”

Andy Turner

Senior National Account Manager, SHS-drinks

“Good to see you last night and a fantastic session again today. Some of the best insight I have seen in a good while.”

Amanda McIntyre

Buying Groups and Independent Wholesale Controller, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

“Really insightful, and does highlight the challenges faced in the more traditional “Indie” sector”


UK & Eire Impulse & OOH Controller, Snacks manufacturer

What is it?

The most representative EPOS market read covering independent convenience retail and wholesaler-supplied symbol stores in GB

  • We’ve cherry-picked a representative sample of ca. 5,600 standalone convenience stores, extrapolated up to represent the GB market of 30,000 indie c-stores, with a combined turnover of £5.6bn, from a pool of more than 12k stores.
  • As of 30th January 2024, MAT value sales through our read of independent convenience stores stood at £31.2bn (SVC 2024).
  • We’ve spent months identifying the ‘right’ stores, removing outliers and stores with incomplete data and balancing the sample against leading industry reports.
  • The data is then factored up using an algorithm to extrapolate this sample to represent total GB independent convenience. The algorithm will continuously update to rebalance the read to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • TWC’s experienced data quality team cleanses the data to provide a consistent product hierarchy.

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How does it work?

Our cherry-picked sample of stores are extrapolated to represent total GB independent convenience retail and wholesaler-supplied symbol stores

  • Data is delivered quickly and securely via our market leading dashboards on TWC’s highly visual SmartView online reporting platform
  • The platform works on any device and data is refreshed seamlessly every week, allowing 24/7 reporting, to an unlimited number of users
  • The data is geographically representative of total GB
  • Regional reporting is also available
  • All backed up by TWC’s world-class customer service and on-demand support

SVC Data Reporting

  • Drill down function allows you to understand performance by category, sub-category, supplier, brand, down to SKU level
  • Measures include retail units and value sales; average selling price; weighted average weekly rate of sale; units and value per store per week; actual and weighted distribution count
  • Reporting is also available as facias vs unaffiliated independents (named facias too)

What are the Benefits?

Understand the TRUE performance of this previously hard-to-measure part of the market


Accurately track your own performance and benchmark against what’s happening in the total market

Quantify distribution and any gaps in the range; identify the true top sellers within the independent convenience sector

Highly visual and intuitive outputs, to meet the needs of all data users

All packages include unlimited licenses, full training and support

SVC Subscribers

Recent coverage in the trade press

Recent SVC research

TWC Group recently conducted some research in to how independent convenience store shopper behaviour adapts during times of economic strain. Here are 5 key takeaways from our findings:


  1. Resilience in Consumer Behaviour: Despite economic strains, consumers prioritise maintaining traditions and celebrating special occasions, presenting an opportunity for independent convenience store owners.
  2. Effective Marketing Strategies: Front-of-store displays, promotions, and external advertising are powerful tools for attracting shoppers, especially during festive occasions like Mother’s Day and Easter.
  3. Enhanced Shopping Experience: Themed displays and bundled products can improve the shopping experience, making it easier for customers to find what they need and encouraging impulse purchases.
  4. Utilising External Advertising: Signage, flyers, and social media posts highlighting special offers and exclusive products can drive foot traffic to the store and generate excitement among customers.
  5. Community Engagement and Long-Term Loyalty: Tailoring product offerings and promotions to reflect local cultural diversity and traditions fosters a deeper connection with customers, driving loyalty over time and maximizing sales potential.

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What else would you like to know?

Having conducted lots of demos of SmartView Convenience, we thought we’d share some of the questions that keep coming up, in case you are wondering the same things…
Click on the image below to see the answers to our frequently asked questions:

Market Read

This market read will identify WHAT is selling in UK independent and symbol c-stores. TWC can conduct additional complementary consumer, shopper or retailer research to understand WHY products are selling (or not).