United Wholesale Scotland and DeeBee Wholesale have both signed up to TWC’s SmartView technology, with the wholesalers using TWC’s framework to track product sales through depot, into retail and out to the consumer.

Tanya Pepin, managing director at TWC said: “We are delighted that both UWS and DeeBee have chosen TWC as their data partner. We believe we are offering something unique here – enabling wholesalers, their retail customers, and suppliers to understand end-to-end performance. Our vision is for a channel that is truly data-led and combining wholesale shipments and retail data provides a holistic view of performance that can inform decision making right through the supply chain.”

Chris Gallacher, managing director at United Wholesale Scotland, explains why the business has invested in TWC SmartView: “The joint business plans UWS has with its suppliers have got to be meaningful; we will use data to drive our sales together more profitably and that’s going to be a massive change in culture for us at United.”

Andy Morrison, trading director at Dee Bee Wholesale said: “The senior team at Dee Bee recognise the wins to our business if we can leverage data effectively. Whilst it is important that it delivers incremental revenue, its real power is in showing our retailers ‘what good looks like’ and highlighting to our suppliers the opportunities both in store and in depot. The SmartView platform is a fantastic tool to do this, easy to use and very intuitive for both suppliers and our team alike.”

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