United Wholesale Scotland and DeeBee Wholesale are the latest new clients to join TWC

The pair of wholesalers are the latest to embed TWC’s SmartView technology – with its market-leading dashboards – to track product sales through depot, into retail and consumer.

United Wholesale Scotland has earned a reputation for being an innovative operator in the sector, thanks to initiatives in recent years such as its warehouse of the future, and the United Connect app.

Unitas member DeeBee Wholesale is another wholesaler making a splash in the industry and is building a company-owned store estate to further grow the business.

Using DeeBee’s in-house Re-Scan EPOS system, the business is now well placed to share its wholesale and retail data with its suppliers via the TWC SmartView platform, to drive targeted growth for mutual benefit.

Beyond this, the DeeBee commercial team wanted an effective tool to use with its customers and company retail stores to evidence best-in-class execution and to drive improved performance through sharing data. This will allow retailers to individually customise their store activation plan based on evidence of what works and what doesn’t.

“We are delighted that both UWS and DeeBee have chosen TWC as their data partner,” said TWC Managing Director, Tanya Pepin.

“We believe we’re offering something unique here – enabling wholesalers, their retail customers and suppliers to understand end-to-end performance.

“Our vision is for a channel that is truly data-led and combining wholesale shipments and retail data provides a holistic view of performance that can inform decision making right through the supply chain.”

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