TWC WholeView presents wholesale shipment data clearly on one, easy-to-read, KPI dashboard. The data that suppliers purchase from wholesalers is reported quickly and easily, giving sight of accurate channel performance in an instant, whilst also identifying real-time channel opportunities to drive sales and uplift.

The data is continuously updated in the background – TWC’s technical team collects data which is enriched and refreshed with fully automated processing and updates, 24/7, meaning no work for subscribing suppliers.

According to managing director Tanya Pepin, the new WholeView sees wholesale data being gathered, applied and presented at its best and most powerful. She says: “TWC’s commitment to the wholesale channel is that we ‘harness data and empower wholesale’ and WholeView epitomises this promise.

“The inherent challenge that the industry has faced has been in creating a fast, accurate channel read that is easily accessible and clearly visualised. For suppliers – until now – this has been virtually impossible to access. The reason is because when buying data from a wide range of wholesalers, there’s little control of how it’s stored, leading to multiple data sets, different data formats, and diverse computer systems. On top of that, data needs to be cleaned before it is of any value, and making sense of this all this takes a lot of time and money.

“We’re proud to have levelled the playing field for suppliers by giving them easy access to wholesale shipment data which will help them realise the full potential of wholesale and potentially gives them invaluable insight in the formation of their sales strategies.”

TWC already merges data for more than 20 disparate wholesalers for Unitas across all categories, and TWC WholeView has been born from a position of knowledge and insight.

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