The cost-of-living crisis and the subsequent squeeze in disposable incomes could be a double-edged sword for alcohol sales, but the beer and cider category is still one to watch.

Although less disposable income means less spending, people have also been less inclined to visit pubs and restaurants, instead of eating and drinking at home.

The big picture

Despite total beer volumes going down, premium world lagers, craft and low/no categories are in demand.

According to TWC, beer and lager sales are declining around -6% in both GB and within Scotland, with cider falling more heavily in Scotland vs GB.

“The ‘drinking less but better’ trend is still very much prevalent, which has seen consumers increasingly willing to spend more to treat themselves to premium and super-premium lager brands, which is in turn driving increased value in-store,” John Price, Head of Marketing at KBE Drinks, says.

“Trading your customers up to these premium world lagers, such as our very own Sapporo, Kingfisher and Sagres, is a great move for convenience retailers, as they are bang on trend and can typically be charged at a minimum of 30% more than other more mainstream options. And with Christmas on the horizon, many people are in celebratory mood and even more willing to treat themselves to something premium.”

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