The number of out-of-home eating occasions increased by 2% year-on-year in the 12 weeks ending 5 September 2022, new data reveals.

The data from wholesale experts TWC, in partnership with food-to-go and out-of-home tracking programme MealTrak, show there were 793 million eating out of home occasions in the 12-week period.

In addition, value sales rose by 14% year-on-year for the 12-week period.

The MealTrak data shows sandwich shops (-16%), coffee shops/cafes (-7%), fast food & takeaway (-17%), high street (-23%), and transportation (-41%) are all in decline.

However, the multiples – with their more affordable food-to-go offers – are the clear winners, with steady and significant growth (+48% in the latest 12 weeks).

Other retail channels – convenience stores (+10%), discounters (+11%) and forecourts (+13%) are also all outperforming the total market.

Tom Fender, Development Director at TWC, said: “Overall, it’s still good news for the food-to-go and eating out market as it continues to grow despite the cost-of-living crisis. However, growth is slowing, and we are seeing value growth continuing to significantly outpace ‘occasions’ growth as inflation continues to rise.”

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