Only 50% of UK customers trust that UK hospitality outlets are good for people with food allergies/intolerances, a study by TWC found.

The study also revealed that 66% of the public believe that UK waiting staff need additional training on the impact of food allergies on individuals.

This comes as the new allergen legislation, Natasha’s Law, came into effect this month. Named after Natasha Ednan-Laperpouse, who died of anaphylaxis, the legislation will require all food businesses in the UK to provide a full ingredient list and allergen labelling when selling Pre-packaged for Direct Sale Foods (PPDS Foods) from their premises.

With over 10% of consumers having a moderate to serious food allergy/intolerance, according to TWC, a clear indication of alleges can prevent serious harm to consumers.

Managing director at TWC, Tanya Pepin, said “These figures are of real concern as 50%, half of our nation, isn’t even close to being enough and with Natasha’s Law coming into effect this month the industry needs to tackle this issue.

“Hospitality outlets need to work with the Food Standards Agency in order to protect our families, friends, colleagues and neighbours across the nation, who have food allergies and intolerances. There has been plenty of notice of this Law coming into place and consumers who live with allergens want to have the confidence that they can enjoy a meal out without the fear of an adverse – or even fatal – reaction.”

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