Wholesale experts TWC Group, in partnership with food-to-go and out-of-home tracking programme MealTrak, reports the latest food-to-go market performance to 12 w/e 3 October 2022.


Latest MealTrak results show the number of out-of-home eating occasions were +15% higher than the comparable period in 2021 on a 52 week/MAT basis.
In the latest 12 weeks, the number of out-of-home eating occasions were +1% higher than in 2021.  There were 813 million eating out of home occasions in the 12 w/e 3 October 2022.
In the last 12 weeks, the ‘eating out’ channel (comprising pubs, restaurants and hotels) was in strong growth, +13% vs the previous year, however the growth rate continues to slow. Growth in ‘eating out’ is driven by pubs +45%, while restaurants are in decline (-7%).
Sandwich shops (-11%), coffee shops/cafes (-6%), fast food & takeaway (-22%), high street (-10%) and transportation (-18%) are all in decline.
The multiples, with their more affordable food-to-go offer, remain the clear winners, with steady and significant growth (+26% in the latest 12 weeks).
Other retail channels – convenience stores (+4%), discounters (+5%) and forecourts (+9%) are also all outperforming the total market.


Value sales are up +30% on a 52 week/MAT basis and +15% on a 12-week ending basis versus 2021. As you’d expect in an inflationary market, ‘value’ growth remains significantly ahead of ‘occasions’ growth.

Commenting on the results, Tom Fender, Development Director at TWC, said:

For the 12-week ending period to 3 October 2022, when compared with the same period in 2021, food-to-go occasions experienced a small decrease of -1%, although due to inflation, value sales increased by around +13% over the same time frame.”

“The multiples appear to have the right strategy for the current climate, reflected in their continued outperformance of the market, +26% growth in occasions and +48% in value terms for the latest 12-week period. Conversely, the decline in foodservice food-to-go outlets such as sandwich and speciality shops; coffee shops and cafes; and fast food and takeaways continues in both occasions and in real terms also in value, with the small value growth hiding the effect of inflation on these figures.”

As we continue to see an increase in consumer needs for something that’s not too expensive (+ 27%) and something that’s also quick and easy to eat (+19%), those with agile plans in place to react and provide exceptional value will do well at this moment in time. Meanwhile, “treats” are in decline, which somewhat goes against the much cited ‘lipstick effect’ during times of economic hardship.”

For more information on Mealtrak please contact Kim Reddick at TWC (Kim@twcgroup.net)

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