The data also showed that 66% consumers believe that food menus should aim to use more products or ingredients from local suppliers. Over two-thirds of the nation (68%) say that food waste is a ‘big issue’ for them as well as reducing the use of plastics.

Tom Fender at TWC, commented: “There is no doubt that UK consumers are ‘waking up and smelling the coffee’ when it comes to sustainable living and the importance of each one of us making a contribution to reduce the impact of climate change, reinforced by the messages currently coming through from COP26.

“Hospitality outlets are already making massive strides when it comes to sustainability and in the last two weeks, we have seen an increase in those making pledges towards net zero and the interim greener pathways that take them along this journey.

“Local provenance is becoming far more important in consumers’ minds. This will have been exacerbated by the fact that they ‘shopped and stayed local’ during the lockdowns, which has been influential in shaping people’s opinions on how they will shop and eat out in the future.”

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