Like for Like

This new drop-down functionality within NAM Dash and Query Builder allows you to take a Like for Like or an Absolute view of your available data. When this option is enabled, the report will automatically ensure Year on Year data is comparable by excluding any data not available for both years. For example, if we are missing one week’s data in 2020 for ‘Wholesaler A’, we’ll exclude the same data for the corresponding week 2019 for ‘Wholesaler A’.

Absolute will report exactly as the data has been received, as normal.

While Like for Like is available, our objective is to have no missing data at all. We have rigorous processes in place to chase data that’s not automatically sent across and infill gaps. Unfortunately, there is the rare occasion where data can’t be retrieved and Like for Like is ideal for year on year reporting. If you wish to see a list of exactly what data is in the system, click on the exclamation mark next to the date we are reporting to in the top left of the dashboard. This will show a data load report by member/depot and week.

Creating new users

We have now released functionality within our support section for you to request additional accounts for your team members.

It enables our Alchemy users to give as many of their teams access to the Unitas Data Service as they wish – at speed. Simply complete the information below, we’ll create the account for you and let you know when the account has been created.


Multi-select drop down

We’ve released new functionality that allows you to select multiple categories within NAM Dash.
The Multi-Select functionality works on all of the NAM Dash Tabs and on each level of the category hierarchy.  
We developed this for users working over multiple categories and subcategories to get their desired view that little bit quicker. Time is of the essence!