The nation’s leading continuous tracking programme for food-to-go and out-of-home consumption

What is it?

TWC has partnered with Mealtrak – the most comprehensive and authoritative source of market intelligence and insight on food-to-go

Latest Mealtrak results (to 12 June 2023)

Latest 52 weeks

52 weeks

(year ago)

52 w/e YOY changeLatest 12 weeks12 weeks
(year ago)
12 w/e YOY change
Total out of home GB occasions3.660bn3.663bnn/c888mn786mn+13%
Total out of home GB Value£22.339bn£20.771bn+8%£5.550bn£4.741bn+17%

Key features:

  • 36,500 consumers interviewed each year, from a nationally representative sample
  • Respondents are asked full detail about their food-to-go/out-of-home eating occasions from the previous day so the recall is short 
  • Seven years of backdata allows you what’s happening today in context

What are the Benefits?

Quantify the size of the food-to-go / out-of-home market and your share within it, split by key retail and foodservice channels


Accurately measure the market and track performance over time


Understand the consumer – who are they, what are they consuming out of home?


Get behind the why – which missions are growing, what are the trends in the market?


Identify and assess opportunities to drive innovation plans


Support your channel strategy – are you targeting the right outlets?

What do I get access to?

Mealtrak covers all dayparts and meal occasions, across 78 sub-categories and 150 named outlets – updated every 4 weeks

  • All eating occasions (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner etc)
  • Categories, brands, items purchased (>630 products split out)
  • Purchase mission (treat, convenient, something inexpensive etc)
  • Where purchased (11 macro channels plus 150+ named outlets)
  • Where consumed (on premise, on the go, delivery, click & collect)
  • Consumed alone vs. with others
  • Store and product ratings
  • Consumer profiles
  • Dietary requirements/intolerances
  • Average spend 

Client testimonial


“The Mealtrak tracker gives us invaluable, week-by-week insights into the fundamental changes in consumer sentiment and behaviour that are affecting food on the go…”

Robert Potts

Head of Insight and Strategy, Greencore

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