CJ Lang & Son is to customise its Spar Scotland SalesTrack platform, a tool that allows the business to report both its wholesale shipments and EPOS sales data in one platform, after seeing traction with its suppliers and retailers.

By toggling between wholesale and retail metrics, suppliers can seamlessly track product performance through depots, into retail and out to the consumer. The data can be used to educate retailers on what is driving performance in their own stores.

The Spar Scotland SalesTrack platform has just undergone an upgrade, designed in close collaboration with the CJ Lang trading team, which has unlocked a series of new features to take performance and reporting to the next level by adding customised functionality that is unique to Spar Scotland SalesTrack.

This includes customised segmentations for their customers; time reporting for CJ Lang’s financial year; and internal reports to monitor profitability and drive category development. This is in addition to TWC planned upgrades, which includes new charting options for space and ranging analysis, a pivot function for large data extracts, and new reports in retail and wholesale.

Richard Collins, Trading Director at CJ Lang & Son, said: “We are delighted with the new features on Spar Scotland SalesTrack from TWC. It gives our suppliers and retailers more ways to accurately understand what’s working and what isn’t in our stores.

“We demonstrated the developments to over 300 suppliers at our recent Supplier Briefing sessions a couple of weeks ago and the feedback was extremely positive.”

Tanya Pepin, Managing Director at TWC, added: “We have worked closely with the team at CJ Lang to ensure that the upgraded system meets their needs. As a business we are committed to a development roadmap for our technology to ensure that it continues to evolve with our clients’ requirements, in line with our values of customer-centricity and ambition.”

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