Data from TWC’s Trends Spring 2021 Report – which surveyed 1,200 consumers – showed that 57% of Millennials were in favour of c-stores collecting personal data from shoppers to offer more personalised products and promotions.

The report also found 56% of Millennials said c-stores should offer loyalty schemes for consumers. The uptake for data collection was lower in older age groups, with 24% of Baby Boomers saying stores should collect personal data.

TWC also found that younger adult consumers represent a key demographic for c-stores, with more than half of Millennials (59%) and Gen Z (65%) shoppers saying they are likely to visit a c-store more than once a week.

Figures for older generations –Baby Boomers and Gen X – were lower with 32% of Baby Boomers and 42% of Gen X saying they would make a trip to a c-store more than once per week.

Other findings in the report included strong support for online delivery in convenience, with just under half (40%) of those polled saying they will continue to use delivery services more than they did before the pandemic. 

The report also revealed that online giant Amazon could take a “substantial share steal” of the grocery market over the next few years and could become the sixth largest supermarket in the UK if current shoppers swapped just one grocery shop per month to Amazon’s online offering.

Tom Fender, development director at TWC, said, “Here at TWC, we believe that although Amazon is discussed a lot as a threat to our channel, the fact that 72% of the population has an account really emphasizes that threat. And now, it is now a double threat with the launch of Amazon Fresh and a triple threat with its investment in Deliveroo.”

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