Driving growth through intelligence and technology, and offering a personal touch in an increasingly digital world, TWC has revealed a compelling new look and feel for its business alongside the latest breaking developments in its products and services.

Headed by Tanya Pepin and Tom Fender, TWC is widely respected across its market sectors.  Not only for the immense experience held within its team, but for its unique mix of data, knowledge and technology, which has evolved into a powerful offering across three specialist divisions – TWC Trends, TWC Consultancy and TWC Technology:

  1. TWC Trends

TWC helps its clients to understand what is happening in the market, and why!  Further to the launch of TWC Trends and TWC Trends Spring Report in April 2021, this division will continue to benchmark what is happening in Wholesale, Retail and Hospitality across changing customer and consumer behaviours.  TWC Trends provides unique insight and can undertake focus groups, customer surveys and specialist category market research to build up a picture of what’s really happening in the market.

  1. TWC Consultancy

TWC’s unique market intelligence and digital savviness, which comprises of insight and strategy services, enables the team to help its clients to make data-led decisions and build data centric customer experiences to enhance their performance.   The team ‘lives and breathes’ its market sectors and the associated supply chain – it understands the complexities, the challenges.  The team ‘speaks the language’ and is passionate about the sector – wholesale is firmly imbedded from top to bottom in TWC’s DNA, and the team’s knowledge is extraordinary and relevant.

  1. TWC Technology

TWC is at the forefront of wholesale shipments reporting with a platform that it believes is the most user-friendly and flexible platform in wholesale.  TWC partners with many of the UK’s leading wholesalers to provide data reporting solutions that have been designed to work with multiple data sets, different operating models and various user needs.  Its technology leads across reporting, rewards/vouchers, customer engagement and retailer compliance.

Managing Director, Tanya Pepin says that TWC’s evolution and growth has morphed hand in hand with customer need, and the creation of three specialist divisions provides a clear differentiation of service that will make it easy and transparent for its customers:

“Our whole ethos is around providing the right solutions that boost our customer’s bottom line and to that end, our three divisions offer services that are highly complementary and all based on a deep understanding of the markets, the industries, and the behaviours that underpin growth.

“We believe the next frontier is personalisation.  Wholesalers already capture detailed shopper behaviour data and c-stores and hospitality venues can do the same.

“Our industry must start to tailor offers to customer segments, drive upsell via increased customer distribution and rate of sale and all through personalised messaging – just as Amazon has been doing for years.

“The wholesale route to market is a fast-paced channel that relies on lean cost models.  More than ever, wholesalers and their suppliers and customers need to forensically understand their businesses – what works, what doesn’t, and which customer segments are in growth and which are in decline.

“We offer something different in the market alongside continuous development to create tools that help wholesalers and suppliers grow their businesses.  Every day our products and services are pushing new boundaries – we are still at the beginning of a much longer journey”.

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