That’s the view of Matt Stanton, head of insight at  health, beauty and household brands seller and distributor DCS Group.

He pointed to recent Nielsen data that showed Andrex was the top-performing toilet tissue in convenience, with a 38% share, ahead of own label, which has a 23% share.

And the brand is even more dominant in moist toilet tissue sales in c-stores, with an 81% share. Own label takes the majority of the remaining sales.

Meanwhile, Kleenex was wiping up a huge number of sales in the dry facial tissues category, with a 62% share.

However moist facial tissues – “wet wipes” – are less dominated by the big brands, with Kleenex taking only an 11% share.

Stanton also emphasised TWC research that indicated 65% of consumers liked PMPs, 63% thought such formats meant they weren’t being overcharged and 58% thought the price mark was usually there because of a promotion or discount.

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