Swizzels invest in shipments data for several wholesalers, but with the data sets in different formats and with limited internal resource, the team didn’t have the time to mine the data to get to wholesale-specific insights and ensure they were focusing their attention on the biggest opportunities by customer.

TWC cleansed the data and organised it according to Swizzels’ view of the sugar category and sub-brands, providing clarity on performance for the total channel and highlighting key opportunities for the business. Monthly reports and quarterly deep-dives arm the Swizzels team with the facts they need to support trading relationships and track performance.

Swizzels is now able to monitor wholesale sales to sense check sales strategy and demonstrate to their customers that the channel strategy is working and driving mutual growth for Swizzels and their customers. Working with TWC has driven collaboration and the data has been used to drive performance in national and local wholesalers to great effect.

Ben Cooper, Swizzels’ National Account Controller Wholesale (pictured), said: “TWC has done the heavy lifting to get our wholesale data into the right format so that it’s ready to use and the team take the time to sit down with me and go through the monthly reports and how we are performing against the targets we set at the start of the project. This means we can work in tandem, using my knowledge of the complex and fragmented sugar confectionery category, with TWC’s intricate knowledge of what works in the channel.

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