From its origins as an online book store, Amazon has managed to conquer most categories.

However, grocery is an area it has not yet cracked.

Amazon first ventured into the world of grocery back in 2007 when it started selling food online in the US, a move it replicated in the UK in 2016.

Its ambitions were made clear with its 2017 acquisition of Whole Foods, followed by the roll out of physical grocery stores.

It only dipped its toes in the UK convenience store sector in 2021 with the launch of its Fresh sites.

Two years later, it has just 18 Amazon Fresh stores, the majority of which are in London.

And its expansion plans here – widely regarded as one of the most competitive grocery sectors in the world – have slowed.

We take a look at whether the grocery industry needs Amazon, if its technology is enough to entice shoppers, and if it can secure a long-term future.

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