We’re living in an increasingly digital world, and every industry and business needs to embrace that.

Technology is rife in every part of our lives, offering convenience, efficiency and enhancing our experiences – therefore, it makes sense that wholesalers’ customers will be looking for something similar in their professional lives.

Having an eCommerce platform to process online transactions, for example, has proved to be a valuable additional revenue stream for wholesalers for several years, and those figures speak for themselves.

But it’s about so much more than that: digital provides warehouse and logistical efficiencies, can help to promote your business and cut costs from across your operation. Digital is a must-have nowadays.

A lot of wholesalers are already a long way down the track in their digital evolution, while several others are still making those first tentative steps, but make no mistake that this expansion is happening across the entire spectrum of the sector.

“Based on the conversations we’re having and trends we’re witnessing at b2b.store, the digital expansion is going to become even more diverse, with wholesalers taking different approaches to their development, comments Rob Mannion, b2b.store CEO and founder. “This has never been truer than with our B2B WhatsApp module, which is gaining a lot of traction from wholesalers, but being used in different ways depending on each business’s specific needs.”

The data opportunity is undoubtedly one of the biggest in the digital space because online tools are constantly gathering usage figures that can provide valuable insight when applied properly.

The data b2b.store’s eCommerce platforms collect was a key part of the insight Lumina Intelligence used in their 2023 Wholesale Online Report and shows the power that wholesalers have at their fingertips.

Data can mean different things to all, though, and the popularity of the split testing capability within our B2B Digital Advertising module shows that. Suppliers, wholesalers and buying groups want to understand what digital excellence looks like to sweat their assets, and the sharing of data in that space is a great way to improve approaches across the board.

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