In the latest 12-week, the number of out-of-home eating occasions were 8% higher than in 2021.  There were 786 million eating out of home occasions in the 12 w/e 13 June 2022.

However, there were almost 40 million more eating out of home occasions in the 12 w/e 16 May 2022 (828 million vs 786 million).

In the last 12 weeks, the ‘eating out’ channel (comprising pubs, restaurants and hotels) was in strong growth, +97% vs previous year.  The growth has slowed since last month (when 12 w/e growth was +188%).

Growth in ‘eating out’ is driven by restaurants +120% and pubs +84% (again, growth for both has slowed vs. last month).

Sandwich shops and coffee shops/cafes have gone into decline over the latest 12 weeks (they were in growth last month) and so they join fast food and high street as the channels in decline.

Forecourts are rebounding well – with a 32% increase in occasions in the previous 12 weeks compared to 2021. Convenience stores continue to struggle vs other channels.

Value sales are up 23% both on a 52 week/MAT basis and in the previous 12 weeks versus 2021.

Sub-sectors driving growth (last 12 weeks vs 2021) are predominantly ‘eating out’ venues: restaurants (+148%), pubs (+99%) and hotels (+96%).

At product category level, it is ‘staples’ and ‘treats’ that are driving the recovery in food-to-go, with cakes & pastries, crisps & nuts, sandwiches, savoury pastries, breakfast foods and hot & cold drinks all showing growth of 20%+ YOY (value).

This is reflected in consumer missions, which are becoming more ‘compartmentalised’. Treats (+52% latest 52w/e), have performed strongly through the pandemic. Health, which was an increasing focus through Covid, is increasingly reflected in FTG missions (+19%). Meanwhile, current economic pressures have seen year-on-year rises in ‘something quick & easy to eat’ (+15%) and ‘something not too expensive’ (+4%).

Commenting on the results, Tom Fender, Development Director at TWC, said: “The latest MealTrak data reflects the continued recovery of the eating out sector (restaurants, hotels and pubs), supported by a modest increase in food-to-go, most notably in the multiple grocers over the last 12 weeks. We are seeing fast food and particularly takeaways – which significantly benefitted from the lockdowns – beginning to fall back.”
“With increasing pressure on household budgets due to rising bills and food inflation, we anticipate that channel performance could change quickly. Whilst the eating out sector is currently seeing the strongest growth, its performance is based on poorer comparatives from last year. Meanwhile, food-to-go may well see growth in the coming months as an affordable treat.”

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