TWC Group has announced the launch of a convenience market read – branded ‘SmartView Convenience’.

The data and digital consultancy claimed it would be the most representative EPOS market read covering independent retail and wholesaler-supplied symbol stores in Britain.

The read comprises a sample of around 6,500 stores, with a combined turnover of £5.6 billion, which have been cherry-picked to be representative of total Great Britain. The analytics platform contains algorithms to extrapolate this sample to represent total GB independent convenience, which will be continuously updated to rebalance the read to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Data reporting will be available in value and volume for the following time periods: MAT, YTD, 13 weeks, 4 weeks, weekly; and can be accessed via TWC’s SmartView online reporting platform. Regional reporting will also be available.

TWC Group said the service will allow organisations to understand sector and category performance and trends as a benchmark for their own performance, identify growth drivers, understand the  ‘top sellers’ in a category and quickly identify range gaps.

“We believe SmartView Convenience provides a balanced and representative sample of stores to truly understand what is happening in the independent convenience sector,” Tom Fender, development director at TWC said.

“This market read will identify WHAT is selling in UK independent and symbol c-stores. TWC can conduct additional complementary consumer, shopper or retailer research to understand WHY products are selling (or not), meaning we are now even better placed to provide a full suite of route-to-market insight solutions.”

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