Having already seen the benefits of its partnership with TWC, Country Range Group has renewed its relationship with the data and digital experts for a further three years in line with its progressive digital strategy.

Having invested in the TWC SmartView platform almost four years ago, Country Range Group was the first independent foodservice buying group to invest in a data platform and data partner to share insights with its suppliers. This early investment is said to have resulted in a deep understanding of the customer, as well as product performance and emerging trends. Data now underpins all key processes within Country Range Group including compliance, forecasting and analysing business performance.

With data now firmly imbedded in Central Office, the Country Range Group is now looking to “take data to the next level”, with suppliers and buyers taking a data-led approach to drive joint business plans and ultimately to achieve incremental sales. Access is also being rolled out to members so that they can take a forensic approach to local opportunities highlighted in the reporting.

Martin Ward, Commercial Director at the Country Range Group, said: “As a business, we have seen the benefits of the TWC SmartView platform.  It gives us a deep understanding of our customers and ensures we make decisions based on intelligence. The TWC system is easy to use which is imperative if we want the whole business to get behind data. Furthermore, TWC cleanses the data and makes sense of it for us, so we can rely on the reporting, without having to dedicate huge amounts of time to it.”

Tanya Pepin, Managing Director at TWC, added: “It has been fantastic to witness the progress of CRG’s data journey through our partnership over the last four years and we are delighted that they want to continue and strengthen their relationship with TWC. This very much aligns to our mission of being a data partner rather than a data broker, supporting our clients as they develop a data-led strategy.”

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