TWC’s Tanya Pepin joins panel at FWD Conference 2019 to debate what lessons can be learned from the digital giant…

“Amazon has certainly disrupted the whole Retail model as we know it, but at the moment, we don’t know what disruption in Wholesale actually looks like” says Pepin of TWC at FWD’s Conference 2019 (28.6.19). But, what is for sure is that those wholesalers who are digitally enabled will be in a stronger position to take advantage of opportunity, and be in a position to move quickly and get ahead when change comes”….

Delegates at the FWD Conference responded to a snap poll inviting them to state their thoughts on what a digital strategy actually is. Whist there was no wrong or right answer, only 20% of delegates correctly stated it was IT systems and people processes that drive organisational agility and speed of response, with 38% of responders stating they thought apps and websites made for a digital strategy.

Pepin says: “Apps and websites are certainly a part of a digital strategy but are a relatively small cog in a much bigger chain”.