TWC helps a client sell the brand, not a SKU, in the Impulse category

The challenge?

Our client operates within a very significant Impulse category. However, there was pressure building in their major wholesale account as depot staff believed that the brand was losing ground to their key competitor and to own brand. As a result, there was less focus, less off shelf activity and an evident sales decline in certain depots.  A self-fulfilling prophesy!


TWC analysed sales and developed the view that depot staff were being “fooled” by seeing large volumes of one particular size on some customers’ trollies and not taking account of the fact that our client’s product was on most purchases in various size formats. Overall the brand generated more sales than the main competitor and own brand and satisfied more customer demand.


Together with the client sales team, TWC developed a short depot presentation showing the overall strength of the brand and offering some small scale promotional activity to reinforce the message. Sales have since grown in the target depots as has brand awareness.  Measurable results which have influenced the entire brand position and deliver upsell with the wholesaler in question.

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