Aggregator Shopper Study

What is it?

TWC is delighted to launch a shopper insight study for the UK aggregator market in 2024.

Speaking to a sample of 2,000 UK shoppers, TWC will provide you bang up to date shopper insights on:

  • Penetration overall and by named operator
  • Frequency of purchase/usage
  • Demographics / life-stage of users
  • Spend, purchases (categories and subcategories)
  • Missions catered for.
  • Occasions catered for.
  • Triggers for purchase.
  • Is the purchaser the consumer?
  • Group composition?
  • Upsell & impulse purchasing?
  • What types of outlet or food genre appeals?

The study will focus on food only purchases for both foodservice and grocery. We’ll also be allowing participants to include up to 10 questions of your own, to enable you to tailor the results to your specific categories or hypotheses. Contact us today for more information or to get involved and join other participating brands such as Coca Cola.

What are the timings for the study?

Please see the proposed timings for our study below.



  • FIELDWORK – 29th APRIL – 17th MAY


What are the Benefits?


Understand 2024 aggregator performance


Identify size of prize and partnership opportunities


Understand future predictions for the aggregator market

For more information, please contact us today.

Ahead of our full Aggregator Shopper Study launch, we have been conducting a series of ‘mini polls’ to road-test some of our hypotheses. The polls have already produced some interesting findings (to be validated in the main study):


👉1 in 4 shoppers have no idea what they want before they order – this gives the industry the opportunity to influence these buying decisions

👉 38% of shoppers know what they want to order but admitted adding on extra items that they weren’t originally planning on buying – this offers opportunity for impulse sales

👉 ‘As a treat’ was the top reason shoppers gave for purchasing via a foodservice aggregator, followed by the fact that it’s a quick and easy method to get their items – interestingly more shoppers in the northern region of the UK said they would be more likely to order via a foodservice aggregator because ordering a takeaway is a part of their regular weekly routine.

👉 9% of shoppers said buying groceries was their top reason for using an aggregator.

How can the industry take advantage of these opportunities and influence shopper purchase occasions?

As we continue our research we’ll uncover answers to questions like this and more.