The Bike Bosnia 2022 ride – which takes place on 10-15 June – will involve the participants cycling 300km from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo. The previous rides, including the UK rides during 2021, have raised £730,000 to help rid the world of landmines.

Tanya Pepin, managing director and founder of TWC, said: “I am delighted that TWC is sponsoring the ride again this year. I joined the team in Cambodia and am signed up for Bike Bosnia 2022 and they are an amazing experience, both as a personal challenge but also from an industry networking point of view.

“These rides are a real challenge and by no means a luxury holiday  – in fact, they are about as far away from this as you can get – but they are totally inspirational and worth all of the effort.”

She continues: “By getting involved in the bike rides I have learned a huge amount about the humanitarian issues following conflict, often in some of the poorest communities around the world, and I think we need to recognise that by working together, as organisations and the sector, we really can make the world a safer place, and ultimately a better place. I am proud that TWC is associated with this initiative.”

Sarah Tavener, head of philanthropy at MAG, said: “The Bikes Against Bombs riders raise vital funds to support our work around the world, and we are thrilled that the team are taking on Bike Bosnia in 2022. MAG teams can clear more landmines and unexploded bombs and help conflict-affected communities to live free from fear, thanks to their crucial support.”

She added: “More than 25 years after the end of the conflict, Bosnia and Herzegovina is still one of the most heavily mined countries in Europe, with these deadly, indiscriminate items trapping as many as half a million women, girls, boys and men in fear.”

“On behalf of everyone at MAG, I want to thank the riders and sponsors for all their support.”

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