TWC has launched a wholesale industry tracker that will work alongside the company’s existing data platforms to analyse the latest trends.

TWC Trends has been created to help stakeholders explore and understand further opportunities in the channel in order to align products, systems, and services to meet fast changing consumer needs.

Furthermore, it will also look to identify and quantify emerging and future trends with two tranches (published as written reports and video content), which will be interspersed with pulses of data through the year.

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The first report will focus on key elements facing businesses, as the industry, (and society), adjusts to a new way of life and faces the longer-term impact of living with a pandemic.

In order that the tracker is as inclusive and representative as possible, TWC’s development director, Tom Fender, is inviting wholesalers, foodservice operators, and suppliers to contribute themes of direct interest to their own business, prior to the end of February, to cover aspects where they would like specific insight, knowledge, and understanding that can shape marketing excellence.

Fender says: “We’re launching this service to bring something new to the wholesale route to market.  There’s currently a gap in the market for straightforward sentiment research and opinion mining on current and future trends.I would love to hear from businesses who are interested in tracking a specific sentiment or behaviour, and we can potentially include this in our tracker either on an open basis – or exclusive – depending on the aspiration and needs of that business.

“Not only will we be exploring future trends but our opinion mining will be overlaid with incisive interpretation, opportunity, and calls to action. Our industry has seen a number of seismic shifts over the last 12 months as Covid has ravaged out-of-home markets and boosted sales in Convenience Retail, and our aim is to understand and anticipate what is next around the corner,” he added.

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