This research on “(Re)-Emerging Behaviours – Attitudes, to socialising both within and outside of the home” is the first in a series of new mini reports from TWC Trends.  The TWC Trends Autumn Edition 2021 series is based on the views and sentiments of over 1,000 consumers across the UK. The research was conducted between 5-8 November 2021.

The younger generation have been the most active with 91% of consumers aged between 18 and 25 going out to drink or eat. Overall, the biggest driver for going out to clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants was a desire to socialise with friends and family, whilst younger consumers also cite other occasions including celebrations, filling time and to work/study in a venue.

These figures demonstrate that despite some caution amongst older generations in particular, penetration has returned to the hospitality sector, with a third of adults saying they were going out to a hospitality venue once a week or more.

The hospitality industry has been gearing up for a big festive season but looming concerns about the new Omicron variant are leading to fears of a return to restrictions of some kind.

Sarah Coleman, Director of Communications for TWC said: “We remain optimistic that it won’t come to that for the sake of the industry and we know from our research that over half of consumers are wanting to make up for lost time and really enjoy their festive celebrations this year. But of course, if the situation deteriorates, operators will need to be prepared for an increase in demand for in-home solutions.”

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