Evolution or Revolution. The Growth in Home Deliveries…

The second chapter of new research, focusing on the current landscape in shopping at UK convenience stores, is available today for free download.

The research, sponsored by TWC and Cirkle, looks at how shopping habits have changed. Chapter 2 focuses on the delivery opportunity:

– 71% say they want free delivery, but if the service is useful, easy to use, and they can trust it, they’re likely to pay for the convenience of delivery.

– 36% say they’d like to see no minimum spend.

– Generation Z and Millennials are keen for convenience stores to use branded delivery apps like Deliveroo, but older customers are less interested.

– One-in-two customers would be interested in convenience stores teaming up with local restaurants or pubs for delivery. Again, this is particularly appealing to younger customers.

The next section will be available on Thursday 4th June. Again, this mini report will be available to download for free.

The research was conducted by KAM Media and involved interviewing 500+ UK consumers on a national representative basis.

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