Caterforce Sales Hub went live during the most challenging trading period in history, when the pandemic heightened the need for data to make informed decisions, quickly.


Caterforce wanted a progressive data platform and this need accelerated through the pandemic as Caterforce’s nine independent foodservice members – and their supply partners – needed data to make informed decisions in light of changing customer and consumer behaviour.



TWC gathered two years of sales history from members, as well as ongoing data feeds. TWC created a layer of centralised product data for group reporting to overcome the issue of each member using their own product codes and descriptions. At the same time, Caterforce and TWC worked together to engage suppliers with tailored demos. TWC ensured a seamless implementation, meeting all the commitments on the original timeline.



Data is now informing everything that Caterforce does, from targeted marketing activity, evaluating trends and understanding exactly what is driving growth, through to photography which is now in line with customer profiles. All suppliers have access to the Sales Hub and there has been very positive feedback from all who use the system.

We chose TWC as our specialist partner due to the team’s immense knowledge of both the wholesale and supplier side, and their deep understanding of the broader industry. TWC works with many of the biggest names in wholesale and for us, as a progressive consortium that has ambitious growth plans, we wanted a progressive tech partner who would share our vision.

We also wanted complete financial transparency. That meant no hidden costs, no surprises along the way or suddenly finding that we needed something which had not been quoted for.

This investment was a huge undertaking for us and alongside that decision was a big element of trust. For us, it was a leap of faith. That trust was rewarded with service excellence and a platform that was delivered on time and exceeded our expectation in its ease of use and the information it provides our members and suppliers. My team and I use it all the time – it’s very easy to use and it is proving invaluable in influencing our business decisions, and that of our suppliers.

Gary Mullineux

Managing Director, Caterforce