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Are fascias the loyalty card of wholesale?

Are fascias the loyalty card of wholesale?

Most wholesalers look to recruit the best retailers into a fascia and lock in a proportion of their spend, but what about those retailers that won’t be limited to a fascia? We believe the answer lies in data, with technology monitoring and rewarding customers for the right behaviour.



The launch of TWC’s new product WholeView in the last couple of weeks has driven more conversations than usual with suppliers about the data they purchase.  Through these conversations, it has become very apparent that supplier organisations have varying approaches to data strategy.


Data insight & digital expert, TWC, launches exciting new industry tracker.   As the power of knowledge, insight, and keeping abreast of fast-paced change becomes critically powerful, data and digital partner to wholesalers, foodservice operators, and suppliers,...

17 February 2020 – Next generation Unitas Wholesale Data Service goes live

The UK’s largest buying group, Unitas Wholesale, has launched The Unitas Data Service (UDS), bringing together wholesale shipment data for ex-Landmark and ex-Today’s members into one reporting solution.  The Unitas Data Service allows suppliers to convert sales data into meaningful insights to help them build joint business plans with members.

27 November 2019 – What do our services cover?

One size never fits all and our services are highly personalised to our clients. Additionally, we have our own suite of modular technology applications called Alchemy (look out for the launch of some exciting new features in the next month), that enables users to learn, engage, reward and aid compliance with their customers.

27 November 2019 – About TWC

As a team, we’ve been imbedded in Wholesale, Retail and the Supply Chain for more than a decade (you will have seen us around), but still people say they are not sure what we actually do! We may surprise you…

18 January 2019 – Understanding the oo in Typhoo

Typhoo has appointed insight specialists, TWC, to interpret the wholesale shipment data it purchases and strategically support the brand’s forthcoming relaunch into the Wholesale channel – in order to drive upsell and profitability.

28 September 2018 – TWC’s Tanya Pepin presents at Unitas Conference (Venice)

28 September 2018 – TWC’s Tanya Pepin presents at Unitas Conference (Venice)

TWC’s own insight guru, Tanya Pepin, spoke to over 100 member delegates at the Today’s Group Conference this month in Venice, exciting members on the significant benefits that are now available to them through the new insights system that has been specially developed with Today’s Group, designed to deliver business advantage through the sharing of data.