‘Through the Looking Glass’ – Symington’s looks ahead….

“TWC’s insight generated £1.4m in new sales via one piece of analysis by gaining a significant new listing for our NPD” …

Lisa-Jayne Hanson, Convenience & Wholesale Controller for Symington’s.

Symington’s – the Leeds based brand innovators appointed TWC the intelligent insight specialists, to analyse and interpret their sales performance to drive its business across the UK wholesale channel.

Lisa-Jayne Hanson, Convenience & Wholesale Controller for Symington’s explains:

“Our marketing is increasingly based on interpretation of route to market intelligence, and how this data is analysed and then applied back into the business to deliver increased performance.  It’s this analysis that TWC does so well.

“For me – I work in the ‘here and now’ and TWC gives me valuable forward thinking through its knowledge and interpretation of the wholesale shipment data we purchase.” This was demonstrated by the delivery of £1.4m in new sales from our latest NPD, which produced an outstanding ROI, compared to the cost of the insight.

Reviews of competitor activity and the impact of promotions are additional key elements of the service that Symington’s receive to drive distribution and rate of sale in these highly competitive categories.

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