Prime Hydration energy drink is making the leap from craze to core ranging in the sports and energy drink category, till data seen by Better Retailing suggests.

The Wholesale Company (TWC) data of 5,000 independent convenience stores in mainland UK, commissioned by RN, showed the average selling price coming down to just above the £2.99 RRP, while the brand cracked the top 10 brands by both value and volume within the sports and energy drinks segment.

The sales figures for the four weeks to mid-July show it is the fourth bestselling sports and energy drink by value, with 5% market share, putting it ahead of major names such as Lucozade Energy, Boost EnergyRelentless, Boost Sport and Rockstar. By volume, it is in the top 10 brands with 2.2% market share, shifting more units per week than Rockstar in local shops.

Despite a sales slowdown, the brand is still selling 64 bottles per week in the average local shop, according to the data. Ian Lewis, of Spar Minster Lovell in Witney, became one of the first independent retailers to stock Prime in January, with stock selling out in hours. However, he said demand has dropped recently: “It’s become more widely available. I’ve dropped the price from £2.99 to £1.99 and merged it with my general soft drinks range.”

Store owners told Better Retailing Prime will likely remain a permanent fixture.

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