On the 25th January 2024, #Destination2025 wholesale and convenience conference took place in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

The event, conceptualised by Clare Bocking (MD at Immediate Impact) and delivered by the Central Coop, was designed to inspire the delegates to focus on future issues and opportunities.  The various presenters, including Debbie Robinson (CEO at Central England Co-op), Cathal Geoghegan (MD at Henderson Group) and Andrew Selley (CEO at Bidcorp) delivered some excellent content with lots of valuable insights.

Tanya Pepin kicked off the conference following Mark Merten-Jones’ (Branch Manager at Charles Stanley) economic presentation. In Tanya’s ‘AI – a force for good in business’ presentation she set out TWC Group‘s view on how AI could and should be used successfully in the UK wholesale channel. 

Some take away points:

➡️ How wholesalers can learn from companies like Amazon

➡️ Pitfalls to avoid

➡️ The biggest obstacle facing UK wholesalers

Whether you are keen to embrace it, or the thought fills you with fear, there is no escape from the topic of AI at the moment. In the press it’s largely been presented as a threat – taking our jobs and risking our privacy – but in this whitepaper we intend to focus on how it can be a force for good in business.

TWC Trends Autumn Edition 2021

Artificial Intelligence – A force for good in business Whitepaper