Research undertaken by data and digital experts in Hospitality and Wholesale, TWC, taken across 1,200 consumers in the last ten days within a new tracker, TWC Trends, has shown that 65% of us feel comfortable with pub / restaurant owners requiring customers to hold a vaccine passport (proof that they have had the vaccine) or certificate to that effect.

Despite a sizeable group of MPs saying they believe the move would be discriminatory, that’s not the sentiment being reflected across the general public with only 16% saying that they think it is not fine for establishments to require a vaccine passport.

According to Tom Fender of TWC:

Our research shows that there is a great deal of pent-up demand from consumers who want to get out and about and back into hospitality establishments.  And, there is a high proportion of people who genuinely do not see being asked for a Vaccine Passport as an issue, if it means that some freedom is allowed in being able to open up and resume some normalcy.

“And whilst those aged 18- 34 are the last group destined to have a vaccine – there is an irony that this was the most supportive group in respect of Vaccine Passports.

“How personal data is stored in the future from those passports, is of course a different matter, and we await the government’s statement on Monday”.

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