Alchemy Learn – the foundation of Alchemy Elements, our sales reporting solution. Any operative needs fast access to shipments’ data to analyse emerging trends to help with strategic decision making and tactical activity. Alchemy Learn has been developed on the principle of keeping things simple – clean design and sophisticated database schemas mean that facts are fast to access and easy to interpret on mobiles, PCs or tablets.

The art of insight is in the ‘so what’, reaching that killer fact that can be game changing for your business. The TWC team has developed a suite of bolt on products that bring insight to life by passing data captured in Alchemy Learn through to other applications to personalise customer comms, target growth or highlight gaps. Put together, Alchemy Elements creates a virtuous circle of Learning, Sharing, Engaging, Rewarding and Optimising Performance.

Snap Share – Alchemy’s Snap Share facility acts rather like Instagram. It allows retailers, BDMs or depots to easily upload and share images which demonstrate best practice, campaign compliance, or simply show that they have a product correctly displayed on shelf at the right price. Users can be tasked and rewarded for uploading photographs. Images can be curated and shared back with suppliers or other stakeholders as appropriate.
Alchemy Engage – Our customer apps cover wholesalers or retail groups wishing to reach individual retailers or retailers who wish to reach the end consumer. It is essential that apps have a clear purpose that drives traffic. Alchemy Engage is designed to give advice and information. Algorithms built into Alchemy Learn can place targeted communications and incentives onto individual customers to change behaviour.
Alchemy Reward – Reward vouchers can be used for wholesalers to retailers or retailers to consumers. Importantly, Alchemy Reward is a smart vouchers’ solution which means that tailored algorithms in Alchemy Learn identify customers with a higher propensity to purchase and incentivise them to trial NPD, purchase in new product categories or respond to a promotion. Vouchers can be paper based, printed on a till receipt or can be e-vouchers disseminated via the app, email or text. Take up is measurable, enabling clear return on investment calculations against driving distribution.
Alchemy Perform – is an app for field sales personnel to use when calling on stores or depots. It provides tailored information about the outlet’s purchase history, profile (size, trading focus), specific growth opportunities, ranging recommendations, etc. It is a powerful customer relationship management tool which is underpinned by our Alchemy Learn platform, giving the additional intelligent capability to show opportunity, report against targets, measure compliance, etc
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