Alchemy for Suppliers: Alchemy WholeView

Suppliers into this channel have a huge range of data sets, generally reported via a multiplicity of systems. Distilling this data down into “killer facts” based on a single version of the truth that is shared across the business is incredibly difficult. Furthermore, wholesale data does not lend itself to customer transaction analysis or basket spend metrics. We developed Alchemy WholeView to overcome these challenges.

Alchemy WholeView enables suppliers to easily consolidate multiple data sets into a single database and provides highly visual insight to account management teams via its mobile app.

In-built traffic lights to monitor KPIs and a focus on data integrity to merge sales-in and sales-out data as well as report to tailored category structures means that channel reporting can be quick and easy and account management can be transformed through measurement.

Within our Alchemy suite, we also have solutions to ease the issue of sharing and receiving data across a disparate sales team. Insights from Alchemy WholeView can drive measurable, targeted growth but the challenge is embedding this into the sales process. We do this via our apps, which are designed to enable clients to share with or gain information from customers to drive sales.

Snap Share – Alchemy’s Snap Share facility acts rather like Instagram. It allows retailers, BDMs or depots to easily upload and share images which demonstrate best practice, campaign compliance, or simply show that they have a product correctly displayed on shelf at the right price. Users can be tasked and rewarded for uploading photographs. Images can be curated and shared back with suppliers or other stakeholders as appropriate.
Alchemy Perform – is an app for field sales personnel to use when calling on stores or depots. It provides tailored information about the outlet’s purchase history, profile (size, trading focus), specific growth opportunities, ranging recommendations, etc. It is a powerful customer relationship management tool which is underpinned by our Alchemy Learn platform, giving the additional intelligent capability to show opportunity, report against targets, measure compliance, etc.
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