Caterforce – one of the UK’s biggest Foodservice’ buying and marketing consortiums with annual turnover of over £500 million – has partnered with data and digital experts, TWC, to launch a new sales data reporting tool, set to bring competitive advantage to its members and identify opportunities for suppliers.

The new data service will give a reliable read on group sales performance and evidence what is happening in the business, providing unique insights to Caterforce’s seven leading independent foodservice wholesalers. This will help them understand market influences and opportunities to assist them accelerate growth and commercialise opportunities from the group’s sales data.

Managing Director, Gary Mullineux, says the partnership represents an important strategic investment that will enable Caterforce to support its members by giving them easy access to valuable insight and information to help them grow their business:

“We work with our members and suppliers in a way that benefits everyone – right down to individual customers. Our whole ethos has been built around communication and collaboration and we continue to invest in every tool at our disposal to build on this.”

“The effective use of data is imperative in today’s trading climate and our new sales data tool will be a valuable influence in how we shape the way we both purchase goods, and how we market them, going forwards. It’s all about helping our members to get to know their customers better, whilst working with them to drive business advantage and progression. Put simply, it’s a win-win for us all.

“We have already invested a huge amount of time into developing a sales data system, however it was underperforming and not delivering on exactly what we needed. The industry is crying out for this data and insight, so when we launch this invaluable tool for our members and suppliers, we want it to be 100% right.

We have made the decision to change providers and chose TWC as our new partner, as without question, the team’s knowledge of our sector is unique, and the company’s values mirror our own in the full appreciation that for us to make this investment in external services it has to deliver strong return.

We love the fact that our service will be built on a bespoke platform and yet is straightforward and simple for our members to use”.

The new Caterforce Data Service will be going live in early 2021.

Tom Fender of TWC says the new Caterforce Data Service will be accessible through smart technology that the industry is wholly familiar with using on a day to day basis:

“According to Deloitte, over 90% of adults in the UK use smart technology (phone, tablet, or PC), for more than two hours every day, and there is no doubt that the way we all receive information through mobile technology and applications, is now second nature throughout our daily lives.

Users of the new Caterforce service will be able to easily access information any-time, any-where, 24/7.”

“We are delighted that Caterforce has recognised the power of data and value of optimising opportunities quickly and decisively in today’s technology driven society. Data is one of the most powerful components that wholesalers hold in their business and undoubtedly can provide the acceleration to growth”.

Established in 1991, Caterforce sources products from a huge range of leading suppliers and manufacturers across frozen, chilled, grocery and hygiene and disposables, promising members (who reach into every corner of the UK) the best range, quality and value of products. Members all pride themselves on delivering outstanding service and understanding of customer expectations.

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