Making waves in Foodservice is TWC, which is now offering its unique Alchemy programme and ‘sales out’ data sets, to Foodservice’ distributors and buying consortia to enable them to build their own data-platform and give them unrivalled information and sales data – with which to grow their business and provide transformative advantage to supply partners.

With a proven 20 year+ heritage in Wholesale, Retail and Convenience markets, TWC has historic links to Foodservice but is now extending its offer directly into the market to fill what it perceives as a gap in data management providers with Foodservice, in order to help create market opportunity and boost commercial growth, whilst enabling organisations to sell data sets to their own stakeholders.

According to Director Tanya Pepin, Alchemy has the potential to grow revenues in Foodservice, and share valuable marketing information in a way that is easily read and understood:

“This is a major untapped opportunity for many buying consortia and purchasing groups operating in Foodservice” she says.

“It is increasingly important for groups to build their own platforms giving valuable sales insights across free trade and contracts that can earn them revenues in the sharing of that data.  Alchemy is all about giving reliable reads on ‘sales out’ data to enable suppliers and partners to understand how they can achieve commercial growth and improve their own marketing functions.

“One size ‘doesn’t fit all’ and whilst there are data management consultants operating in Foodservice, the industry knowledge, personal service and expertise that goes with Alchemy is vital in creating a bespoke package that is tailored to each business that is cost effective and delivers total value”.

Not only does the cloud based reporting tool save cost (with no investment needed in IT infrastructure), but it is simple to view and works on mobile platforms seen as an essential modern reporting solution in today’s busy world.

Pepin concludes:

“Knowledge is power and the use of data is pivotal in understanding market trends, insights and influences in order to get ahead, particularly as traditional sales resources of ‘feet on the ground’ in Foodservice sales have shrunk in recent years.

TWC is a small, highly experienced team of individuals, drawing off hands-on and senior management experience of the marketplace – a team that is uniquely placed to add value to supply chain business in Foodservice.